We canvas the diverging views of senior managers at Ascentae, LG and Maverick AV Solutions on the changing requirements for AV candidates brought about by the pandemic.

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Let’s Keep Our Glasses Half Full!

With the worries, uncertainty, and functional changes resulting from COVID-19, we will all need to develop new ways of working and coping. As an industry, we are better placed than many when it comes to home working, but how do we keep positive and work around the new family norm?


Keeping Positive!

It’s easy for our minds to race to the worse possible outcome right now, whether this is losing a loved one, losing our jobs, the long-term effects this will have on the world economy. No one can blame us for having a higher level of anxiety and feeling stressed. Now is the time to pause and to consciously try to regain perspective before accepting the worst-case scenario. We’re not suggesting putting your head in the sand – we’re well aware that these are some of the toughest times many of us will face. However, it is the time to aim for a mindset of ‘realistic optimism’, as an optimistic outlook is more likely to boost your resilience and motivation in stressful situations.


What is Realistic Optimism?

Being realistic and optimistic means being cautiously hopeful that things will work out and focusing on a good outcome. A realistic will finds out the facts and acknowledges the challenges and constraints they face. A person who is optimistic will recognise that many situations have a range of possible interpretations and choose to focus on the positive, not the negative. Someone with a “realistic Optimism’ is aware of the positives as well as the negatives in each situation and actively look for future opportunities, focusing on what they can control rather than what they have no influence over.


Focus on Facts

To build this more resilient mindset and avoid getting overanxious, it helps to look out for and consider some positive facts alongside the seemly overwhelmingly negative ones. For example:

  • A significant number of employers within the AV industry are adopting a ‘business as usual’ attitude, adapting rapidly to working from home policy and changing environment. There are still many jobs being advertised, and companies that are confident they have the resources to continue growing after the impact of the virus has become manageable.
  • Indications from countries such as China who were affected earlier are that the effects are time-limited, and so we can plan for after the summer.

Be Kind to Yourself

Now is the time to put the ‘family first.’ If your family is sick, or you currently have children at home all day, your priorities will inevitably shift. That’s OK. Maybe work isn’t 9-5 now, or you have to take shifts with your partner to cover childcare. That’s OK, be kind to yourself, forget perfect parenting, and be flexible about adjustments you all need to make. Try to establish a routine that works for everyone and support those colleagues whose situations might be more difficult than your own.

For those of you with more time on your hands now, we have seen from many companies in our industry offers of support, training, and even free evaluation products to help with up-skilling and improving your chance of a triumphant return to work! Contact Denise or Jenny or check the resources section below which we will keep updating for you.




Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for employers and employees

Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for employers and employees



Furlough Factsheet by Constantine Law

Click here to open PDF


Parents worried about children’s anxiety

For Parents worried about children’s anxiety during this period, here is a link to a document put together by Reading University’s Emerging Minds team




As COVID-19 impacts our daily lives, much of our AV community is looking at extended home office time. As part of our commitment to the industry in these unprecedented times, AVIXA is opening online training* to all AV professionals, regardless of membership level.  

Effective immediately, AVIXA are waiving online access fees and Elite seat limitations through June 12. That means you and your entire team can now access AVIXA’s online training.

They hope this will give you and your team the opportunity to learn new topics, work toward CTS certification, or earn CTS-RUs if already CTS certified, even if you are home.

If you know anyone else who could benefit from this opportunity, please encourage them to participate by clicking here.

Join Netgear’s on-line course from your home working environment and become a certified Netgear AVoIP Installation Engineer.


Tips For Working From Home 

Hints and tips to help you stay productive from NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS

The next few months will see working from home becoming the standard way of operating in countries around the world. So how can you make sure it works for you?






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